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Dirty Hands Are A Sign of Clean Money

When considering the purchase of a distressed RV park, there are several critical factors that prospective buyers must carefully evaluate to ensure a successful investment. From understanding market conditions to [...]
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Short Term Lodging

Rustic Not Rugged

Rustic lodging accommodations are attractive to many park owners. They offer what we consider a “Low cost of admission.” With no kitchens or baths, they can be set, leveled, outfitted, [...]
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Why Smart Metering Matters

Talk to most owners or developers of long-term Snowbird or Winter Texas parks, and you do not have to work hard to convince them of the benefits of smart metering. [...]
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Cold Weather Camping Is Heating Up!

1. Introduction: Embracing the Adventure of Camping in Cold Weather When it comes to camping, most people envision warm summer days, cool breezes, and clear skies. However, there is a [...]
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A manhole cover sitting flush with the pavement.

Sewer Drives Everything In Outdoor Resort Development

Sewer Drives Everything When Developing an Outdoor Resort 1. Introduction to Outdoor Resort Development Outdoor resorts have become increasingly popular destinations for travelers seeking unique experiences and immersive natural surroundings. [...]
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 Key Principles of Effective Revenue Management

Revenue Management Strategies for Outdoor Hospitality 1.1 Pricing Strategies and Elasticity Revenue management plays a vital role in the success of an outdoor resort across the board. By strategically optimizing [...]
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A bed with white pillows and sheets with an adjacent wood-paneled nightstand and table lamp.

Math That Works; Amenities = Rate + Occupancy

1. Introduction The success of any outdoor hospitality establishment relies heavily on its ability to maximize revenue. One crucial metric in this pursuit is the Average Daily Rate (ADR), which [...]
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Experiences in Global Travel

Having just returned from a trip to Germany, seeing how this tech-forward country functions in the hospitality space was eye-opening. Our modern and sleek hotel was manned from 10 AM [...]
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