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Ringing In The New Year With A Call Center

Any park operator will tell you, finding the right people at the right price is tough. As the new year unfolds, phones are ringing in anticipation of the 2024 camping season.

How can you keep up with your bookings while keeping costs at bay? Have you thought about a call center? AOS has been offering call center services to our properties for years, and with an enourmous amount of success.

The following is an example just one property in 2023. The call center cost $35,000 and booked over $310,000 worth of reservations. The hours were from 8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week, with no overtime, sick days, no shows, or workers comp.


Many owners are reluctant to use a call center as they feel the call center staff does not know their property well enough to make a booking. While it may be true they have not visited your site, today’s PMS systems allow you to enter all the details about your property and site types in order for most bookings to take place seamlessly. At AOS, our call center has direct chat access to our properties, so any questions they cannot answer organically can be answered with a quick chat while on the phone. Our call center converts calls into bookings, prevents voicemails or holds, and the agents are trained to upsell. They also process deposits and payments via PCI compliant credit card processing.

If you are headed into 2024 with front desk challenges, consider a call center. Companies like MVA help parks turn lookers into bookers and take the pain out of finding the right front desk staff for all those ringing phones.

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